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Testimonial Pelanggan dBOXES Web Solutions

dBOXES is knowledgeable and had good ideas to start our web page. They are flexible and had the ability to meet my company's needs. They responds quickly when we need their support in maintenance and follows up to make sure everything is working out well, as evidenced by my continually purchasing his products. I'm already telling people about you, and when they see my site, they'll understand why.
Hendra Gomulya
At the beginning, it's so difficult to find a high quality and professional web design firm in Makassar, and make me think to start thinking about web design firm in Jakarta. But after I saw an advertise in one of magazine, I'm very interested to see the dBOXES Ad Design. Later on, after finding out about dBOXES credential and portfolio with some meeting, I signed a contract with dBOXES to design our company website. The process it self is running very good with an excellent quality of design. I'm very satisfied with dBOXES high quality services.
Wong Tjun Sien
dBOXES Team was an excellent worker. I have worked with MANY different providers and dBOXES Team was absolutely great. They completed this project at a great price and his work ethic was remarkable. Anytime there was a change, big or small, needed on the project he would complete the change in a timely manner. I respect his work ethic and communication skills and plan to work with d'BOXES many more times again in the future.
Jonathan Tucker
I worked extensively with d'BOXES over a period of over 1 year and was always impressed with the level of service, professionalism and going the extra mile. No request was too big or too small and I was always delighted with the output, often exceeding my expectations. I found the pricing to be very competitive and will be using their services in the future and highly recommend them. What I found most attractive was the fact that they would source items that normally would not form part of their core business so my advice is ask them to see what they can do for you even though you may not think it falls within their sphere of business.
Tony King
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